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OCAIP - Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy

September 2014 Leading Advisor's Roundtable Series

Topic: How Do You Change the Conversation From Money to Meaning?

Discussion Leader: David Brown, Partner, Brown & Streza

Every trusted advisor wants to better understand what is significant and meaningful to their clients. Often the advisor can play a key role in assisting a client to uncover these truths in the planning process.

A short video testimonial will be shared of one family that experienced the power of identifying a deeper purpose for their family’s wealth. Dave will then lead a discussion about:

1. How to strengthen your relationship with clients
2. How to grow your business
3. The importance of authenticity

Resource handouts will be provided.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Lunch is Complimentary

Brown & Streza
40 Pacifica, Irvine, CA 92618
949- 453-2900

Roundtable Discussions are open to members, but feel free to bring a friend to introduce them to OCAiP. There is a limit of 16 people per Roundtable.


Preparing HeirsAre you prepared to participate in
The Great Wealth Transfer?

OCAIP Members receive a 25% discount!

The next evolution of wealth management is underway as a result of The Great Wealth Transfer -- $1 trillion transfers each year, for the next 50 years, from one generation to the next.

Family philanthropy is one very important pathway to a family's success. Learn how to use philanthropy to better our communities and teach valuable skills and accountability to the next generation within client families.

Why This Program is so Important to The Future of Your Practice

As the transfer of wealth becomes a reality for many families, they need more from their trusted advisors. Managing money or creating estate plans will no longer be the differentiator that it has been in the past. Clients want you to work with their entire family, and they want you to educate their kids.

Why Advisors Choose Training From Institute For Preparing Heirs®
Established in 2009, Institute for Preparing Heirs is the premier provider of current content and leading-edge tools for advisors who wish to serve the changing needs of affluent families.

Who Should Attend:
Wealth advisors
• Estate planning attorneys
• Family office executives
• Other trusted advisors who work with affluent families

Attendees who find great value in networking and sharing ideas with other high-level professionals who serve the affluent community.

New Challenges And New Opportunities For Advisors:
• Retain your best client families: Over 90% of spouses and children find a new advisor after receiving an inheritance
• Retain the assets: In 1 to 3 generations after wealth transfers, the majority of unprepared families lose control of their assets and family cohesion
• Capture new affluent clients from competitors who are not prepared to retain them. A lot of money is in motion!

The Great Wealth Transfer 2-Day Hallmark Training Includes:
New priorities that will prepare advisors to fully participate in The Great Wealth Transfer and meet the changing needs of affluent families
New tools families can use to prepare heirs
ª New business-building tools for advisors to attract, engage and retain multigenerational families
ª A world-class faculty of researchers, authors, and thought-leaders on topics relating to family dynamics and the non-financial issues impacting wealth transfers in affluent families
• IMCA and CFP continuing education credits


November 2-4, 2014
at Pepperdine University,
Malibu, California

Please visit http://preparingheirs.com for more information.


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Advisor's Roundtable Series
September 30, 2014 - How Do You Change the Conversation From Money to Meaning?

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