Jeff Swanson

At the Orange County United Way we fight for the education, financial stability, health and housing of every person in our community. We envision a community where every Orange County youth will receive a high-quality and relevant education; families will have the capability to become financially stable; the next generation in Orange County will be the healthiest in the nation; and homelessness for children and their families has come to an end.  We accomplish our work thru the philanthropic support of individual and corporate leaders in our community.

In our work with corporate or individual philanthropy, we find that individuals often first turn to their trusted professional advisor when beginning their philanthropic journey. That is why Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy (OC AiP) is such a powerful resource in our community. It empowers you to communicate with clients the added value of philanthropy. Join our community and learn about philanthropy, local needs and resources, and incorporate the added value that having the philanthropic conversation can bring.

Chairman, Executive Committee member

Mark Percy

As a co-founder of OC AiP, I have been deeply involved in the organization for over 5 years. Through its programs and highly qualified members, I can honestly say OC AiP has been critical to my professional growth as a Family Office Executive. Participating on the Education Committee and the Board has provided me a unique insight into other advisor disciplines and the many ways philanthropy factors into the wealth planning process; and, I have greatly enjoyed forming new and valued friendships and professional associations in the field. I often need to access various advisors, but I want to recommend those that understand the value of philanthropy and expanding a family’s social capital, which is critical to my clients. No other organization in Orange County builds advisor’s capabilities around philanthropy like OC AiP!

Chairman Emeritus, Executive Committee Member

Ralph Adamo

As a trusted financial advisor at Integrity Wealth Management, I take pride in knowing we have helped families Nationwide build lifelong financial goals and futures with integrity for over 30 years. Throughout my career I found that there was an inherent need in Orange County to bridge the gap between Advisory practices and Philanthropy, thus I founded Orange County’s Chapter of Advisors in Philanthropy (OC AiP) and was President 2012-2014. By joining OC AiP you will be part of wide spectrum of professionals with high levels of knowledge all focused on learning and sharing to help each other’s practices and clients.


Sandra Bensworth

Orange County is a beautiful place to live and work; however, not everyone in our community has the ability to meet their basic needs. Addressing these needs through philanthropy helps ensure a brighter future for everyone in our community. OC AiP is a platform for advisors to inspire and implement thoughtful and strategic philanthropic giving with people who make an impact on where we live and work. Come join us and be a catalyst for change.

Chair, Communications

David Moore

I work with many estate attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors and other allied professionals in my legacy planning work at Chapman University. I initially joined Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy (OC AiP) as a way to expand my network of professional advisors who value philanthropy and actively cultivate its importance with their clients. The OC AiP programs continually broaden my perspective and understanding of philanthropy, local needs and strategic solutions. I recommend joining OC AiP so you can observe and learn strategies to engage your clients on a deeper and more meaningful level.

Chair, Membership

Richard Ward

As a financial advisor, I focus on helping successful people pursue the many opportunities for a new purpose as they become engaged as contributors who change lives for the better, often through community organizations or charitable causes. I help them explore new opportunities for significance in the second half of life, and provide the planning and other financial services to turn these opportunities into reality for themselves, their families, and for the causes they care about. I joined Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy to share my passion for philanthropy with a wide audience of business colleagues and professional advisors, encouraging all to learn about the joys and excitement that come with making a difference in other people’s lives.

Chair, Events

Sara Garske

OC AiP is where I can surround myself with colleagues who are not only knowledgeable and current on best practices but passionate about making a difference in our community. In my role at First Foundation, I have found that most clients have a team of trusted advisors who help advise them and it’s beneficial to be surrounded by a team of professionals in multifaceted fields involving philanthropy.

Chair, Liaison to AiP National

Marty Dutch

It is about the people in the room, engaging with professionals who focus on their clients wealth AND well-being AND value philanthropy. In my role at First Foundation we see both sides of philanthropy, consulting with nonprofit organizations and helping families strategic plan and execute their giving. AiP provides me best practice learning for both sides of the table, elevating all of us personally and professionally while improving our community. I am proud of AiP’s impact on increasing philanthropic conversations between trusted advisors and clients while providing a network of professionals available to execute our clients’ highest goals.