David B. Moore


Since joining Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy (OC AiP), I have discovered a strong network of caring and engaged professionals who value philanthropy and actively cultivate its importance with their clients. Through the years, OC AiP programs have broadened my perspective and understanding of philanthropy, local needs and strategic solutions. This is an important organization to our community because it connects advisors with the core values of their clients.

Matt Todsen

Vice President

I think that OC AiP helps to serve a critical role in the development of philanthropic efforts in Orange County. I am working with OC AiP to help professional advisors in Orange County to better serve their clients, and the communities philanthropic efforts.

Courtney Laddusaw

Co-Chair, Communications

Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy (OC AiP) brings individuals and corporations for all different sectors together to make our community a better place. I joined OC AiP because the individuals involved in this organization are truly passionate about learning the skills, strategies, and techniques to engage their clients and donors in conversations about philanthropy and financial planning to bring solutions to the needs in our community.

Tiffany Erica McCain

Co-Chair, Communications

I believe in the collaboration and sharing of ideas that OC AiP represents. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn about emerging issues, share best practices and tools and to be surrounded by those who sincerely care about stewarding and expanding awareness of philanthropy to clients and donors.

Justin Frame

Co-Chair, Membership

I am involved with OC AiP because we all have an obligation to help educate and inform our community about the power of philanthropy. The opportunity to serve and empower people to extend a helping hand is something we all should strive for. We are very blessed, and with that comes our responsibility to give back.

Susan Kenny

Co-Chair, Membership

The education I have received from AiP has been invaluable to me as a nonprofit professional. I am able to communicate with my partners in a way that gives them confidence in their giving.

Shawn Jensen

Co-Chair, Education

It is a privilege to work with Financial Consultants, Advisors and donors throughout Southern California to ultimately help members of our community fulfill their philanthropic objectives. OC AiP allows me to learn from other professionals across the nonprofit and financial sectors who share a similar passion for giving back and helping others.

Andi Kang

Co-Chair, Community Outreach

As Founder and President of Crown Wealth Management, I am passionate about helping people find purpose as they “Live Abundantly, Give Generously™”, the company’s trademark tagline. I joined the Orange County Advisors in Philanthropy (OC AiP) to serve, share and to be enriched by the network of professionals who impact the community through philanthropy while advancing the profession. Join OC AiP, get involved, distinguish yourself and make a difference.

Amber Portz

Chair, Events

There are so many priceless new skills I can learn as a nonprofit professional. By working amongst these leaders at OC AiP I will get the opportunity to enhance our collective impact in the community and help shape the future of philanthropy for Orange County.

Marty Dutch

President of AiP National

OC AiP is about the people in the room, engaging with professionals who focus on their clients wealth AND well-being AND value philanthropy. In my role at First Foundation we see both sides of philanthropy, consulting with nonprofit organizations and helping families strategic plan and execute their giving. OC AiP provides me best practice learning for both sides of the table, elevating all of us personally and professionally while improving our community. I am proud of OC AiP’s impact on increasing philanthropic conversations between trusted advisors and clients while providing a network of professionals available to execute our clients’ highest goals.

Haley Kirk


OC AiP allows me the opportunity to network and learn from like-minded individuals. Being a part of the collaborative efforts of the group allows enriched brainstorm sessions to move the needle on causes that really matter to our community. We are encouraged and inspired by one another to make a difference in Orange County.

Matt Parsons


Our community has an incredible history of philanthropy and exceptional non-for-profits devoted to support, encourage, and promote causes at the heart of those living here. I’m excited to work alongside like-minded professionals dedicated to continuing this tradition and inspiring a new generation of philanthropists.

Sara Garske

Immediate Past President

OC AiP is where I can surround myself with colleagues who are not only knowledgeable and current on best practices but passionate about making a difference in our community. In my role at First Foundation, I have found that most clients have a team of trusted advisors who help advise them and it’s beneficial to be surrounded by a team of professionals in multifaceted fields involving philanthropy.

Mark Powell

Co-Chair, Education

Charitable planning is a cornerstone of my practice, and I hope that by being involved with OC AiP I can help other advisors develop strong skills in discussing philanthropy with their clients.

Richard Ward

Board Member

As a financial advisor, I focus on helping successful people pursue the many opportunities for a new purpose as they become engaged as contributors who change lives for the better, often through community organizations or charitable causes. I help them explore new opportunities for signficance in the second half of life, and provide the planning and other financial services to turn these opportunities into reality for themselves, their families, and for the causes they care about. I joined OC AiP to share my passion for philanthropy with a wide audience of business colleagues and professional advisors, encouraging all to learn about the joys and excitement that come with making a difference in other people’s lives.

Lori LaPorte

Board Member

I am an independent licensed health and life insurance agent specializing in long-term care financial planning solutions. I joined OC AiP because, as a member in the financial community, this organization opens the door to other professional advisors and non-profit organizations who share the same passion to want to get involved in solving social issues impacting our community.

John Guastaferro

Board Member

I am involved with OC AiP because it enriches my leadership, my focus on philanthropy, and my connection with like-minded leaders.

Doug McKay

Board Member

OC AiP gives me the opportunity to use my experience in both Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the Nonprofit Community to work in coordination with trusted and progressive Advisors in creating a precedence for engaged, informed and insightful philanthropic giving in support of our community and those that live in it.